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SOUTH BEND, Indiana and JACKSONVILLE, Florida (September 23, 2013) - Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) is using KeyHIE Transform™, developed by Geisinger Health System and powered by BridgeGate Health, to enable nursing homes and home health agencies to transmit patient assessment data to the exchange. This ensures vital patient information is available when and where it is needed to provide patients with the best patient care. 

The low cost software supports MHIN's Transitions in Care pilot project throughout the northern Indiana region by allowing skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies - with or without an electronic health record (EHR) - to participate in MHIN's health information exchange (HIE) and support care coordination across the care continuum.

By aligning with MHIN's health information exchange, clinicians throughout the northern Indiana footprint are better poised to coordinate patient care throughout a patient's care journey from hospital to skilled nursing care to home.  Healthcare experts believe that accurate and up-to-date healthcare information helps ensure these transitions are as seamless as possible and ultimately eliminate avoidable complications and hospital readmissions.

KeyHIE Transform converts the MDS (minimum data set) and OASIS (Outcome of Assessment Information Set) that skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies are required to transmit to the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) into a standardized HL7 continuity of care document (CCD). In turn, the CCD is sent to the HIE to be made available for providers accessing the MHIN Clinical Data Repository.

"Bringing the KeyHIE Transform tool to northern Indiana was a significant step for our region to integrate critical clinical information into our HIE so that it can be made available to local Emergency Departments and other primary care givers," said Tim Roberts, MHIN chief executive officer. "As we shift toward a new model of care with Accountable Care Organizations, community providers will need to depend on quick, secure, and reliable electronic access to information from the skilled nursing facilities and post-acute caregivers. This innovative partnership allows us to meet each of our post-acute care providers exactly where they are with a low cost and high quality solution."

Leveraging the HIE infrastructure within the northern Indiana region to better integrate nursing home facilities and home health agencies supports MHIN's commitment of the Transition in Care pilot project. Aimed at improving quality and coordination of patient care by reducing readmissions and decreasing provider costs the Transitions in Care pilot brings innovative resources and HIE capabilities to a previously segregated sector within the industry that plays an instrumental role in today's health care environment.

"BridgeGate Health and our employees are delighted to power the efficient & affordable health information exchange across MHINs long-term post-acute care community. MHIN's leadership to enable the exchange of patient information among their providers makes them an ideal partner," noted BridgeGate Health's CEO, Tom Bang.  "With the accelerated adoption of many stand-alone clinical applications, leaders like MHIN know it's paramount that this captured patient information be shared among all providers. Together we're committed to providing clinicians the access they need, to the information they need, at the moment they need it." 

About Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN)
As one of the most mature and densely integrated health information exchanges in the United States, MHIN is committed to improving healthcare quality in the communities they serve. Through a variety of communication solutions, MHIN connects healthcare providers throughout the Midwest, ensuring that they have immediate access to the information they need to take care of their patients. Organizations across the healthcare spectrum- from hospitals to specialty groups to medical labs and diagnostic centers- find solutions in MHIN's diverse service platform. MHIN's core applications provide an efficient way for providers to exchange information and facilitate high-quality, coordinated care.

In 1998, MHIN was incorporated, and the team went right to work improving communication among healthcare providers throughout the community. In 1999, they implemented access that enabled clinical professionals to view their patients' results online. Three years later in 2002, MHIN implemented their first Electronic Health Record (EHR), and in 2005, they launched an electronic result inbox to connect clinical professionals at any stage of integration with the results they need in real time. With guidance from the major healthcare institutions in the region, MHIN continued to expand its service platform to accommodate the needs of its physicians and healthcare professionals. In 2007, they embarked on new efforts to incorporate even more providers into one network and launched an interoperability service for physician practice EHRs and institutions. Today, MHIN continues to assist communities throughout the Midwest to establish a regionally based HIE and create a truly connected community.For more information, visit www.mhin.com.

Source: Michiana Health Information Network


About BridgeGate Health
Daily - the BridgeGate® integration platform delivers millions of data transactions between thousands of organizations globally. BridgeGate provides robust, scalable integration solutions that connect disparate applications and technologies. BridgeGateHealth™'s any-to-any integration platform handles very complex data with virtually no coding required, reducing the complexity and length of integration projects to weeks or days resulting in lower costs. 

BridgeGateHealth™ affects tens of millions of lives with integration solutions for healthcare providers connecting patient data (electronic health records, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, medical devices, dietary, therapy, and billing) to insurers managing members (enrolment, eligibility, claims, payment, referrals, and formulary).

BridgeGateHealth™ as an order hub processes millions of transactions for e-prescribe integrations from pharmacy to durable medical equipment. BridgeGateHealth™ integration solutions cover the entire pharmacy fulfillment ecosystem including patient data, e-prescribe, CPOE, PIS, eMAR, automated dispensing, inventory, 340B, PBM, and Surescripts® using HL7 and NCPDP based standards as well as proprietary data formats.

Founded in 1999, BridgeGate Health is privately-held and headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. www.bridgegatehealth.com. 

Source: BridegGate Health


About Geisinger Health System
Geisinger Health System is an integrated healthcare delivery system widely recognized for its innovative use of the electronic health record, and the development of innovative care models such as ProvenHealth Navigator® and ProvenCare®. Geisinger serves more than 2.6 million residents throughout 44 counties in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. The physician-led system is comprised of more than 20,000 employees, including a 1,000-member multi-specialty group practice, six hospital campuses, two research centers and the 310,000-member Geisinger Health Plan, all of which leverage an estimated $5.5 billion positive impact on the Pennsylvania economy. The health system and the health plan have repeatedly garnered national accolades for integration, quality and service. In addition to fulfilling its patient care mission, Geisinger has a long-standing commitment to medical education, research and community service. For more information, visit Geisinger.com. Follow the latest Geisinger news and more at Twitter and Facebook. 

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