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ipad2.jpgThe launch of Apple's iPad 2 has the potential to promote further mobile health advancements at hospitals and other health care facilities, InformationWeek reports.

According to recent studies, clinicians have widely adopted the original iPad in conjunction with electronic health record use. Considering improvements added to the iPad 2, more physicians could embrace the computerized tablet as a way to manage EHRs and access other medical information, according to InformationWeek.

John Halamka -- CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston -- said the iPad is helping physicians engage with patients because it allows doctors to directly show images and data to patients (Lewis, InformationWeek, 3/7).

Other iPad Uses in Health Care

Physicians are not the only health care professionals who use the iPad, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports. For example, St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in New York plans to provide its board members with iPads so they can access online documents during meetings, according to Chuck Fennell, the hospital's CIO. In addition, workers at Crouse Hospital in New York use the devices to remotely control heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the facility.

iPad Obstacles

Fennell said that battery life is a shortcoming of the iPad and other tablet computers, which must be charged about every four hours. In addition, Neal Seidberg, a pediatrician and chief medical informatics officer at Upstate University Hospital in New York, said the iPad's screen is another limitation. He said he would not make a diagnosis based solely on seeing something on the screen because the "resolution is not good enough yet" (Mulder, Syracuse Post-Standard, 3/7).

Survey Finds Physicians Favor iPad Tablet

A recent survey by Aptilon surveyed 341 U.S. health care professionals' tablet computer preferences. Among the survey respondents: 79% preferred the iPad; 12% preferred Windows PC-based devices; and 9% preferred Android-based devices. The survey found that 59% of respondents who already have an iPad said they use it for medical tasks, such as receiving and reviewing updated medical information and completing paperwork. In addition, the survey found that 38% of respondents expect to have an iPad within the year. Aptilon is a Canadian-based customer relationship management firm for the pharmaceutical industry (Pulley, "Health IT Update," NextGov, 3/7).


From: http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2011/3/8/launch-of-apples-ipad-2-could-drive-advances-in-mobile-health-market.aspx#ixzz1G8cxVIWE

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