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Assisted Living


BlueStep is a technology company committed to improving the quality of health care services. The BlueStep technology platform, a unique combination of powerful hardware and configurable web services, was developed to accomplish this objective. BlueStep HQ™ is a web-based human services management application built on the BlueStep technology platform.

BlueStep HQ is the first fully automated health and human services application. HQ automates and streamlines core business processes integrating resident management, facility operations, customer service, medication administration, human resources, and other core functions. Information is entered only once and automatically shared, depending on security levels, enterprise wide in real time. Data is secure and available 24/7 from any Web browser and automatically backed up daily.

Electronic Records

Manage and monitor the entire resident record electronically

  • Demographic, medical, and custom data - Data traditionally stored in a paper file is stored electronically and securely in the HQ system. Resident demographic, medical and even custom data is stored and retrieved quickly.
  • Resident activities and progress monitoring - HQ monitors resident and staff activities and progress to ensure proper care and compliance. Employees and supervisors are alerted if proper care is not received.
  • Residents, families, care partners, etc. - The HQ database manages resident records, as well as information about other interested parties such as family members, doctors, consultants and others.

Secure Online Data

Collect and share data securely online

  • Secure online family pages - The HQ Family Connect™ Web page allows authorized family members and responsible parties to access certain information about the resident via the Internet. Information may be customized to include daily activities, resident updates, care provided, photos, and more.
  • Marketing - Assisted living centers market and collect inquiry information online. The HQ system includes a marketing database to track referring entities and leads from inquiry through admission and discharge.
  • Online applications and intake - Resident applications and intake data are completed at the center, or by the resident’s family securely online. Combine inquiry, application, demographic, and other data into one complete record.
  • Website and e-mail integration - The HQ system can be used in combination with other BlueStep technology including Website and e-mail integration. HQ and BlueStep technology provide assisted living centers a complete management solution.
  • HIPAA compliance - Permission-based security assures that staff members see only those areas of the record they are authorized to see.

Health & Human Services Tools

Manage data specific to assisted living centers and residential treatment facilities

  • Medication Administration Records (MARs) and doctor’s orders - The HQ system manages doctor’s orders and medications from prescription through administration.When ordering medications through a preferred BlueStep enabled pharmacy, HQ is used to order and track all prescriptions.
  • Nursing notes and assessments - Medical data including nursing assessments, vital signs, activities of daily living (ADLs) and other information is tracked in HQ.
  • Data entry - HQ makes data entry for doctors, nurses and other professionals quick and easy. Data fields may be spell checked and automatically verified for proper formatting to reduce errors.

Staff/HR System

Track staff members and human resource data

  • Staff login and secure access - Staff members have unique user accounts allowing access only to sections in HQ granted by their security level. Give as much or little access to each staff member as necessary.
  • Staff productivity tools - The productivity tools in the “My Office” section of HQ help staff members fulfill their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Staff members view and manage task lists, secure communications, events and relationships.
  • Staff Scheduling - Complete and comprehensive staff scheduling tools allow for easy management and customization to match current shifts. Staff members access the schedule anywhere they have an Internet connection. 
  • Timecards - The HQ system includes the ability to track employee timecards. Timecard data can be exported for use in payroll or other financial applications.

Customized For Assisted Living Centers

The system is customized to fit the organization

  • Custom data reports - Real-time data in HQ is viewed using custom queries and reports. Custom reporting provides instant feedback to assisted living centers on current conditions of operations and automatically generates resident reports in compliance with federal, state and payer regulations.
  • “Management by exception” reporting - Reports are generated on what was not done rather than a list of what was done thereby providing management the ability to focus on areas needing attention.
  • Automated processes - Use the HQ system to automate processes and repetitive tasks. Any data element in HQ can be used to set off a “trigger” to add an item to a staff to-do list or send an e-mail reminder making sure tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  • Custom forms and fields - All data elements in HQ are fully customizable. Create custom electronic forms matching traditional paper forms, and add and remove data forms and fields to match the center’s needs. The BlueStep system is so easy we can quickly make modifications to the system or train someone on staff to make changes.
  • Manage multiple locations - HQ manages organizational hierarchies and multiple assisted living center locations. Local care centers enter and view only data for their location while data may also be viewed on a regional or organization-wide basis.